twelvish ... 12.12.12 starts a new era

It also defines a way to much better counting and measuring by combining the main current systems and redefining many of them to base 12. It will make simpler solutions, easier expression and be more accurate as well. Beyond counting this can apply to currency, time, fractions, music, percentages, all measurements and more. The basics are set, we need to have an International discussion, research, design and review to confirm the optimal formats.

Why did we all learn to multiply up to twelve? Because it was so useful. Why then did we adopt a decimal system that doesn't use twelve as a base? It has been long recognised that there is great need for a better way of doing things and hand held computers will make it so easy...

"We can now design the solutions that are best for us all."

We encourage you to be one with an enquiring mind... imagine a system that's so good and will benefit so many. Processes that have been in years of development combing efficiency with ease of use, but the process is not yet complete. You are invited to learn more on the About page and contribute via the Contact page... the concept and site is developing to show the steps to create our solution.

With global input we will design the final solutions to be simply amazing, far-reaching and beneficial to all. Twelve is such a part of our life already, twelve months in a year, twelve eggs to the dozen, twelve days of christmas, twelve apostles, signs of the zodiac and so many more. An app or two will make conversion to Base 12 a breeze & kids will learn both systems for a while.

Counter displays time elapsed from the twelvish start date of 12.12.12 ... a.k.a. 01.01.0001
(in standard decimal numbers showing Australian Eastern Standard Time with 1hr daylight saving)

It's appropriate that a world first, major Global Climate agreement is dated 12.12.2015 at #COP21paris, exactly three years from the start of the 'New Era'. We should declare an annual Global holiday to celebrate and grow all this. Why not, we could call it K.I.S.S. day - Keep it Sustainable Silly day

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