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12ish means easier measures, calculation and description plus greater efficiency and genuine long-term benefits.

In brief... A new era begins with a major proposal to move to base 12. Revise and review measuring and counting for multiple benefits and efficiencies which will include significant long term carbon emission savings.

Several modes and incarnations of 'duodecimal' processes have been proposed over the years that go part of the way there but remain unfinished. The current metric system is clumsy and is still ignored in several places (USA, Burma, Liberia, tyre rims, wave height in the surf and even the term milestone and UK road signs). Consider also that, give or take a day or two, we are now at the end of a major 5,000 year mayan era and so a new era begins. A perfect time to refresh and review.

Base 12 has many advantages particularly in division but also equals metric in ease of multiplication PLUS, as it requires less digits to describe numbers making it more space efficient. Today, we need to reuce carbon emissions by being more efficient in every significant area possible. Combining these ideas, research, education and innovation will be profound.

"Did I mention we'll all look younger? An active 54 year old becomes 46."

Starting the new era begins today on the 12.12.12 It is described as 01.01.0001 yet, we don't need to convert everything instantly. Computers will help enormously with learning, calculations and understanding. I propose an Open Source review of all current measuring systems to ultimately move to the new systems and where appropriate to calculate from Day 1, 12.12.12 which may also be described as 01.01.0001 !

The system will be designed to be adaptable, servicable, complementary, universal and deliverable for many current systems we currently use making them all relate easier and share efficiencies and base12 percentages. Just think of 60 degrees or minutes, 24 hours, months, etc. can relate to counting in multiples of twelve. Similar to 12 inches to a foot but much easier in base 12 (Conversely why do we currently have so many measuresement systems where their relationship is not optimised? Let's fix it.)

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